Eunos Lockwood HVAC replacement

7 04 2010

This is the Lockwood replacement HVAC fascia. They’re pretty good: cheap, nicely made and available in several colours – including amber, which for some reason they don’t advertise.

Fitting is a bit of a pig of a job though involving taking the console out and cleaning sticky residue off the heater panel left behind.
And I forgot to change the AC button colour. Argh.


Car bling

7 04 2010

What do you think?  Should I do it? 

A chance request for my car to model a very nice KG Works brace / harness bar so the seller could take pictures to accompany his eBay listing over the weekend.  As soon as it went on I wanted it to replace my existing perfectly serviceable but dull black steel brace.

Should I do it?