Out with the old…

20 12 2012

The Audi turned out to be fast, relatively practical, expensive to run and not all that much fun. Sold! To a gentleman in the Dynamics team looking for a present for his father-in-law. That’s how we roll at Microsoft…!

I looked round for a replacement, which as I do the school run most days meant that if I wanted anything fun, it had to be practical for a 40-mile-each-way commute by my wife several days a week. That ruled out the S2000, the Boxster, and all the other ones on my imaginary shortlist.

So: a sensible family diesel. Kind of.


205BHP, 500nM torque, 50mpg+.
AMG 250 CDI Sport in Tenorite gray with Bengal red leather, heated seats and airscarf. Game on.

Unfortunately as it’s on a crazy-cheap lease, no modding possible. Apart from this: