More interior bling

15 06 2011

I fitted a Vagmeistter shift gate last month.  A nice mod – it matches well with the standard interior and brings a bit of R8-style bling to the cabin.


Relatively straight forward to fit – see my previous post here:

I also added red footwell illumination which I love:

I then got thinking about how nice it’d be to have the shiftgate backlit in the same way.

Cue another purchase of some adhesive red SMD strip from eBay:


I wanted a feed that would come on with the sidelights, and dim with the dash dimmer.

I popped off the switch panel in front of the gear lever and took a feed from pins 2 and 3 of the fuel filler.  I did try Scotchlock connectors but the cabling’s a bit thin so it was easier to cut the wires and use


From here, if you remove the shift gate and gaiter, it’s a very easy job to thread the SMD strip through to the gear surround.  I cut a slit in the edge of the gaiter to pass the cable through, and then stuck the strip around the inside ring directly under the shift gate.  A 30cm strip is exactly the right length to go round the interior of the ring, which is pretty handy.


Pretty happy with this one, as it goes.  A nice, even and not too in-your-face glow, that dims with the rest of the interior illumination.  Job done.




2 responses

24 10 2012

I love the change grid type lambo
I tried to do it on occasion, but I can not adjust it.
Could you pass the sketch or design?
Thank you.

24 10 2012

Thanks! Talk to Charlie the Vagmeistter in the UK. He sells them in his shop…

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