Adding Stance – H&R spacers

15 06 2011

My car’s the facelift version, so it has a 20mm drop and RS4 18″ alloys from the factory.

They look pretty great, but don’t exactly shout out stance.

Off to the lovely Charlie The Vagmeistter for some H&R spacers.


These are more expensive than you might expect, but are great – they’re half the weight of some other models I tried, which reduces your unsprung weight and makes a big difference to the handling.

These are the hubcentric, bolt-on type – you bolt the spacer to the wheel hub with the supplied flush bolts, then bolt your wheel onto the spacer.

Rear ones went on first – these spacers are 25mm on each side, which is about the maximum you can get away with on standard wheels.


I then went to fit the 20mm front ones – driver’s side went on great.  When I got to the passenger side, I hit a snag – I couldn’t bolt them on so they fit tightly to the hub.  On closer examination the last couple of mm of thread on the hub was full of brake dust and corrosion – I cheated and got the excellent Glynn at GLT Motors in Handforth to sort this out for me.

Protip – an old wheel bolt with slots cut up the thread can be used as a tap to fix the threads.  Cue me coming back home to get a spare bolt (one of a pair which the aforementioned Charlie sent me for free after I snapped the head off a wheel bolt last week – don’t ask) and back to the garage.  After walking home, I then had to walk back to drop off the car keys.  Argh.






Much better.  No rubs, either.  Car’s got stance.




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