New nose

11 05 2011

After painting Anakin’s new TTRS rings black last weekend, I was wondering whether I should do mine.

I decided to give it a go today.   The process for removing the Mk1 8N front rings is exactly the same as that in my previous post, although the clips are a little easier to remove – I didn’t break any this time.

The rings were sprayed with Plastikote plastic primer, then Plastikote black gloss.  I was in two minds about what to do with the front Quattro badge, as I’ve removed the rear TT and Quattro badges and wasn’t sure if this should go as well.

I decided to try painting the Quattro badge black, and fill in the letters with Misano Red touch-up paint.


IMG 20110421 084801


IMG 20110511 155510

Painting the rings is exactly the same as in the previous TTRS post.

To do the Quattro badge, first I removed it by pulling it forward, hard.  The badge is held on with two metal spring U-shaped clips at the back, which will drop into the inside of the bumper.  Pop the front vent off to retrieve them.

I then cut a slot in a balsa wood sanding block to stand the badge on, and sprayed as before with primer and black gloss.

A quick bake in the oven at about 70 degrees for ten minutes, five minutes to cool down and then I used a very fine brush to paint the inset lettering.  Several coats later, I was finished.  I used a little of the black gloss paint and the same tiny brush to neaten the edges of the letters.

I refitted to the car with some hot glue, and then gave the OEM three bar grille a wipe down with GT85 silicone spray to give it a little bit of a shine.

End result

IMG 20110511 155458




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