Audi TT gloss front grille

22 04 2011

I dropped in at Awesome GTI on the way home from work yesterday.  I went in for a V6 honeycomb rear valance, but after the guy behind the counter showed me his Roadster fitted with the gloss finish Quattro Sport version, I decided that’s what I want on my car.

They were out of stock, so it should arrive next week.

This got me thinking – my front lower grilles are matte plastic, covered in stonechips and generally look a bit tatty.


First off, removing them from the car.  This is much easier than you might imagine – start with one of the side lower grilles, and gently prise it out using a large flat-blade screwdriver and your fingertips.

The grilles are quite flexible, so be careful not to deform the honeycomb section.

Once you’ve got the side grille out, you can reach through and unclip the centre grill at the side, top and bottom.  Do this on both edges – you’ll find the centre clips will still be attached but you can unclip them by sliding in a flat-blade screwdriver between bumper and grille – as both flex, you won’t scratch your paint doing this if you’re careful.


You can see the clips in the pic above.

Once I’d got the grilles out I thought it worth using T-Cut to get the accumulated road grime off the bumper around the gaps.


I brought the grilles into the kitchen (where all my mods happen!) and gave them a quick sand down with 400 grit.  After that a good clean and a wipe down with panel wipe (Methylated Spirits also works just fine).

The grilles are a flexible plastic and so I used Plasti-Kote Primer to give the paint something to stick to.



Two coats of this and half an hour of direct sunlight, and on with the gloss.

I love Plasti-Kote, it’s great stuff.  Great coverage, easy to apply and sticks to anything.


A couple of hours later, I snapped them back on the car.



Job done.  Just need that QS rear valance next!




2 responses

27 04 2011

That looks quite nice! That flat-finish airdam might deserve some love as well now to make it match…

28 04 2011

Cheers Adam, I did contemplate that but I suspect I’d be repainting quite often when it scrapes..!

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