Sun in Manchester

9 04 2011

Better make the most of it.

Today I spent the afternoon cleaning up the TT.  Gave it a quick wash, and then followed up with a clay bar to remove all the tar spots and other nasties stuck to the paint.  After this, on with the Autoglym Super Resin Polish, and then followed up with Harly Wax.  If you’ve not come across it, Harly Wax is awesome.  It’s pure carnuba wax, goes on incredibly easily and waxes off just as nicely.


Whilst I was waiting for the paint to dry after the wash, I tried some new stuff on the alloys.  She’s got the S-Line 18″ RS4 style wheels on, which have a few scrapes to the lacquer.  I’ve had some horrible experiences in the past with acidic alloy cleaner on wheels with missing lacquer (I remember vividly getting my old MkII Golf GTI with 17″ Kahn alloys on valeted half an hour before I sold it – I thought it’d be nice for the guy picking it up to have it clean – and watching big, black patches appear as the scrote cleaning the car gaily sprayed them all with acid) so was a little nervy about this.

I ended up going with Turtle Wax ICE wheel cleaner.  It’s pretty great – spray on, wait until the white foam turns red as the brake dust gets dissolved, then wash off with a hose.  Looks great.  I topped this off with Meguiars Tyre Gel dressing.


Bad points?  Found a hell of a lot of stonechips on the front end.  The TT’s pretty prone to them given that big vertical front face.   Still, she’s not looking bad at the moment.

A fairly productive day – next job is to take the stereo out, hack the wiring loom and install my MP3 line-in adaptor.





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