Improving the HTC Desire’s Camera

16 01 2011


I’ve had my HTC Desire for about a year now.  Brilliant phone in many ways, but the quality of the camera has been a bit variable.
After some investigation it seems that the glass disk on the phone’s rear cover isn’t optically very clear, especially if it gets scratched.
You end up with misty, soft focus pictures, particularly in bright sunlight.
You can test this for yourself by taking pictures with the back cover removed.
After examining my work phone, an HTC Mozart, I noticed that this doesn’t have this glass disk.
After careful examination of the Desire I popped out the disk with a matchstick – it’s only held on with double-sided sticky.
Bingo – brilliant pictures.
There’s no real loss of protection to the camera lens – as I said, other HTC phones don’t have this extra layer of poor optical quality glass.
Takes 10 seconds to do, improves things no end and costs nothing.
My kind of mod.

(Picture above taken with the bare camera lens)




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