Reminder: check your oil

7 10 2010

I’ve had a noisy power-steering belt for a few weeks, which is getting sorted when I next have a free weekend.

Over the last week I’d noticed it getting a little noiser.  Almost like an HLA noise.

Well, turns out it was the HLAs – I dipped the car and the oil was at the very bottom of the scale.  Oops.  She’d had an oil change a couple of months ago, and the fresh clean oil was quite hard to see on the dipstick.  Turns out my car uses a little oil – after asking around, this isn’t uncommon on the 1.8.  I’d not checked the oil level for about 5 weeks, when I’d added some Wynne’s HLA treatment to top it up.

A stupid mistake, but easily rectified by about half a litre of semi-synth.  Result? Nice, quiet engine and the HLA tick on startup has also gone.

Check your oil!




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