Retro door pulls

25 06 2010

The standard Eunos door handles are fine, but I find that I’m forever banging my right knee against the driver’s door one. I’m 6’1″, and I can get a great driving position in the Roadster, apart from this one minor niggle.
With the JDM handles there’s no armrest to lose, and so I was looking for an alternative.

There’s a guy on the MX5Nutz forum (KFC, a.k.a. Rik) who’s a car trimmer by trade who makes some great retro leather door pulls in various colours.
I ordered some a couple of days ago and they arrived today:

Great quality, easy to fit. The little red things are cut down Rawlplugs, which you insert into the original hole left when you remove the standard door pulls. These let the stainless screws supplied bite properly.

Fitting’s easy – pop the plastic screw cover off the top of the handle with a small flat screwdriver, then undo the two large crosshead screws underneath and lift off.

Put the metal end on the leather strap, insert plastic Rawlplug into hole (I split them in half as the original holes weren’t that big) and screw back again.
The result:

Best of all, I get my knee-room back, much more comfortable on long drives and hard corners.




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