Adding an external thermometer to Mk1 Eunos / MX-5 /Miata

7 04 2010

As I’m a bit of a sucker for driving around with the hood down, I kind of wanted an external temperature gauge for my NA.

I found this on (if you’ve not come across these guys then you’re in for a treat: electronic gadgets and tat direct from Hong Kong with free postage!):

Cost a grand total of $3.29 delivered to the UK. It’s a small, battery powered temperature gauge with about 1m of wire with a sensor on the end, and it looks like this:

Using a flat blade screwdriver, pry out a blanking plate near your foglight. To do this, prise at the outer part of the blanking plate, not the central bit. It’ll pop out.

Push the thermometer’s wire into the hole so it appears on the other side in the footwell. With the driver’s door open, thread it through the gap at the side of the dash near the hinge:

Sorry for the blurry cam, it’s dark and it’s cold.

Now feed it under the rubber seal for the door, and arrange it so that it sits in the void at the top of the bonnet, near the wiper mechanism. A blob of hotglue will fix it in place nicely.

I wrapped the metal sensor in tape to weatherproof it, and applied a dab of hot glue from a glue gun to hold it in place.

Now back to the thermometer end. Feed it into the hole – it’s a pretty snug fit. I wanted to be able to revert to factory, so I removed the blanking plate and blanking surround – you could leave the surround in place and file the hole a little squarer if you wanted to make it snap straight in. The LCD display has plastic snap-in feet on. As I was doing it without the surround, I applied a couple of blobs of hot glue again and pushed home:

Job done: 10 minutes to complete, in the dark, in the cold.

Hope you like!


P.S. Whilst you’re at Dealextreme, I can recommend this little rechargeable torch that sits in your cigarette lighter, too (needed a spot of insulation tape on barrel to fit snugly in my NA)

and this to give you a USB socket in the cigarette lighter:

They also do a good line in cheap iPod leads etc.




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