Easy Eunos upgrade – Matte Cowl

6 04 2010

I was sick of the sun reflecting off the shiny surface of the dashboard cowl in my Mk1 Eunos, so I decided to do something about it.

As standard on the NA, these are shiny plastic, and on bright days they reflect into the windscreen.

Later models had a more satin finish, which is better, but still not perfect.  They’re an expensive part, too, at £106 new from http://www.mx5parts.co.uk.  So, can we do better?  Yes we can.

I bought an aerosol of Plasikote Primer in black, and an aerosol of Plastikote Matte Black paint.  Remove the cowl (I’ll post a pictorial on this another day but it’s an easy job), give it a wipe with panel wipe to remove grease, and give it a very light dusting with the primer.

It’s magical stuff, Plastikote – covers well, doesn’t drip or build up and dries quickly.  When done, give it 20 minutes, and then give a light dusting with the paint.  Wait 20 mins, and put another coat on – job done.

End result looks like this:

No reflections, and it looks kind of stealth-OEM.  Might do the dash console with it next.




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